Baklava - A Fabulous Gift

Baklava is a superb approach to break the ice in a new office, or lift your fellow employees' tensions using a sweet gourmet treat. While doughnuts and bagels have traditionally dominated, baklava is far more creative and can surely get the attention of the co-workers. Nobody will resist the sweet crispy nutty buttery flavor packed in most bite of baklava.baklava recipe

Baklava can be a rich, sweet pastry featured in lots of cuisines in your community once controlled from the former Ottoman Empire, in Central Asia as well as in the Middle East. It's made of layers of phyllo dough stuffed with chopped nuts, for example walnuts, pistachios, cashews or almonds and flavored in many different ways. The pastry is usually sweetened using honey and cinnamon or having a sugar rose water syrup mixture. Just about the most critical ingredients present in baklava that provides a wealthy flavor is clarified butter. Clarified butter is butter that's been rendered to split up the milk solids and water from the butterfat. Typically, it really is made by melting butter and separating the different components that to make baklava

Baklava is available in many different shapes and sizes. The original diamond shape is well-liked by most every person who makes it. As you cross various areas of the planet, baklava is manufactured different such as the half-shell mini rose shape or the finger roll. In addition there are an empty faced phyllo cup commonly known as the birds nest made out of whole nuts - cashews or pistachios. The "caviar" burma baklava is really outstanding and is also made of a fried shredded phyllo with whole nuts.

Baklava serves well with just about anything. Its served in many different settings for just about any special occasion. Often, baklava is served as an after meal delight with tea or coffee. In several elements of the far to middle east, black tea with milk and baklava are winning combinations.

Baklava given as a gift is very common in eastern parts of the planet - similar to sending chocolates or cookies during Christmas. Weddings, parties, religious holidays are some for starters reason why baklava is shared. One interesting part of Baklava is it has a relatively long shelf-life even confronted with outdoor. It really is almost impossible to discover spoiled baklava and odds are someone will cherish the pastry because it ages. Baklava has a tendency to dry out and modify texture with time but some how seems to never get thrown out.

It used to be you had to travel overseas, visit some expensive restaurant or bakery to get baklava. But due to the today's technology, these passionately crafted pastries can be delivered fresh right to the doorstep and check out some today.

Need a great gift idea? Test sending baklava rather than flowers or chocolates. Yes - baklava constitutes a fabulous gift and it's almost certain to make a lasting impression.